Parts and tools of turbines

Services Description

Redesign and manufacture of turbine tools, including starters, blades, shafts, sealing rings, etc., which have been done. As an example, a turbine seal ring is a type of heat exchanger. This heat exchanger has the role of cooling and delicate transfer of heat from the turbulent flow area of the blades. Investigating the turbulence flow, flow intensity, thermal dynamic flow intensity, unwanted vibrations, etc., there may be some kind of defect that caused the thermal turbulence to collapse. This disturbance of turbulence causes a kind of microscopic shocks in the air flow according to the temperature. After the passage of time, the reverse vibrations back to the seal ring, which are carried out through bodies and static points, cause local cracks in the spaces between the fine grooves of the seal ring. These local cracks lead to severe cracks and fractures in the long run. Therefore, the grooves of the converter or the seal ring gradually collide with the blades during rotation in small sections and produce basic blows. These blows also scratch the surfaces of the blades to the point where other blades are unable to perform their operations and work properly.

What we did here: Due to the high costs of replacing and manufacturing the rotor, stator, bearings, etc., it was not done. Because they could continue their work for some time. Therefore, the sealing ring underwent changes in the metallographic design to have the ability to tolerate and stabilize vibrations above the permissible range in the temperature of 500 degrees Celsius. And it can exchange heat according to the standard at that temperature. Therefore, after installing these converters, the above-mentioned turbine was no longer damaged in the blades and sealing rings. Here, it is necessary to mention that in the new era, most of the instrument sets show more sensitivity on the lower life span. Therefore, they have designed and built their tools according to the replacement of several years. But due to the embargo conditions as well as the purely economic discussions of the employers and of course the very cumbersome sub-bureaucracy of the companies, we prefer the design that increases the lifespan. In a way, the problem of competition has been solved for this company because there is no special circuit that can be a tough competitor in these open design areas