Redesigning and manufacturing special refinery equipment

esigning and optimizing all types of super alloy control valves is one of Eshat’s projects that this holding has been on its agenda for years. Most of the offer of this operation is formed from the fact that the valve control order is presented. For this reason, this collection, after the seasonal review and analysis of transient material lines and the valve circuit, as well as all previous valve information and parallel series devices placed on the valve path, examines the conditions that cause the continuation and increase of the life of the valve. Sometimes, the position and class of the valve may change in the sizing, or the alloy may change to super alloy. From now on, after designing the simulation and sizing of the valve, the modeled tools and the necessary changes are changed according to the alloy design. This action increases the life of the valve, the strength of the internal equipment, and also increases the productivity of the devices connected to the valve and finally the valve itself