Special control valves

Services Description

Designing and manufacturing all kinds of control valves, including reducer valves, pressure control valves, flow control valves, and special hydraulic valves, including servo valves, proportional valves, etc., are among the special items that are optimized with specialized materials, including superalloys. And… they are designed and made.

The examples of valves that you see were polycarbonate valve reducers that controlled the water circuit of the two turbines on the platform. Due to the difficult conditions and lack of access to necessary facilities on oil platforms, their equipment must be designed and built with higher reliability coefficients. Therefore, according to the analytical calculations of the fluid flow circuit of the above valves, material change from polycarbonate to Inconel 625 was designed and achieved. One of the points of this project was that the internal parts were worn out in such a way that they did not have the ability to take dimensions for initial modeling. Therefore, the design operation from zero to hundred was carried out according to the obtained information and data. Then the cycles of mold making and casting of Inconel 625 material were done. The production of superalloys material and especially Inconel 625 material shows very unpredictable behavior due to its specificity in casting and machining. In addition to observing the uniformity of metallographic sections and other metallological parameters

In the casting cycle, in terms of weight, the amount of material used is three to four times that of steel. These valves were placed in the circuit after construction and were able to control the passing water with a tolerance of 2 mbar. It should be noted that this product has been operating correctly for about ten years without any defects.